My hatred for Will Schuester isn’t exactly something that I hide or even attempt to make anything other than painfully obvious on any given day. He makes mistakes constantly, is offensive, is painfully misguided most of the time, but he did a good thing in this week’s episode. The circle on the stage? That was good teaching. Yes, they needed to be getting ready for Regionals, but something big had happened and he reached out to his students.

Being an educator is about so much more than teaching an assigned subject. You fall into the role of mentor, guidance counselor, sounding board, sometimes all of them within the span of a few seconds. Schuester messes up A LOT, but here, he was spot on. And some of the things I’ve seen about what he did and said in that scene have angered me to my core.

How dare anyone knock him for sharing a personal experience with them. How dare anyone say that his pain wasn’t equal to what others have gone through. What is a breaking point for one person is a fucking Tuesday for another. Yes, maybe Schuester is lucky that his darkest day came in the form of cheating on a test, but that doesn’t mean that the shame and embarrassment it brought him wasn’t enough to bring him to that terrifying edge. Like he said, it’s not about being strong or weak, it’s about that thing that does it to you. That breaks you down and shatters every inch of your being. Don’t you dare tell someone that what they’re feeling isn’t worth the emotions they’re experiencing.

Remember The Breakfast Club? Remember when they tried to give Brian shit because he was thinking about suicide over a failing grade and he lost his shit on them and he had every right to do so? Think before you judge. Think before you speak. Think before you condemn a person for sharing their pain, before you minimalize it and making them feel even worse than they already do. Like they’re not allowed that pain.

I loved every part of that scene, but especially the message to find something to look forward to. It’s a small thing, really, but little things can wind up being the very most important. There is a light at the end of every dark tunnel and I hope that all of you can see it, because I care very much about you. It might sound silly because we dont truly know one another, but it’s true. There are people who can talk to you, people who care, and they’re everywhere. Really, they are. Trust me on this. I know from experience. <3

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    This! Will is a well meaning but crappy mentor to the Glee kids most of the time. But the sharing circle following a...
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  19. endlessandsinging said: Well said! Normally I find Will’s over-sharing horrible. But in this case it was a brave and positive response.
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    ALL OF THIS. You know what pissed me off most about backlash to this scene? Its that so many people were complaining...
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